Herr Dr. Fechner
Dr. Detlef Fechner
School principal
Tel.: 045-941-4071
Herr Hollmann
Rouven Hollmann
Tel.: 045-941-8106
Herr Zimmermann
Frank Zimmermann
Coordinator Primary school
Tel.: 045-941-8109
Frau Schwadke
Annett Schwadke
Coordinator Kindergarten
Tel.: 045-941-8307
Frau Knott
Kathrin Knott
Coordinator Administration
Tel.: 045-941-4841/2


Coordinator AdministrationRoom 227Kathrin Knott
Principal assistantRoom 226Dorothea Tokuno (née Sening)
LibraryRoom 321Christine Siegel
IT managerRoom 322John Munro
School enrollmentRoom 229Daniela Klein
Marketing & Public RelationsRoom 226Anja Kawashima
School busRoom 230Fumiko Krummeich
Government authorities & StaffRoom 230Miwako Go
AccountingRoom 222Yumiko Nagahara
Janitor Naoyuki Osumi


School e-mail: dsty [at]

Monday to Friday from 07:40 am to 04:30 Uhr pm*

* The time difference between Germany and Japan: + 8 hours
in the summer time: + 7 hours

Selected content is available in English and Japanese.

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