How does the enrolment for the kindergarten work?

Please send us the following documents if you want to enrol your child (the documents are written in German):

After that process, your child is going to be on the registration list for the kindergarten. Usually the next step is an appointment for a personal conversation with the kindergarten management. There will also be an admission interview with the responsible group leader before the first day of kindergarten.

What are the conditions for the admission to kindergarten?

The admission is possible for children age 3 years and 3 months and if there is free space. The entrance is also possible during the school year.

Condition for starting at kindergarten is a completed potty-training.

Basic German knowledge is recommended.

The kindergarten will support the child in learning German, if the language knowledge are not at a certain level yet.

Please contact Ms. Schwadke for the registration.

Selected content is available in English and Japanese.

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