Primary School

Primary School


How does the enrolment for the primary school work?

Please send us the following documents if you want to enrol your child (the documents are written in German):

If your child enters the school, you have to hand in the report card of the last school two weeks before the beginning at the school year at the latest. If the entrance is during the school year, the transfer report card of the last school and a list of achieved accomplishments have to be handed in before changing to the DSTY. Before entering the school there will be a personal conversation with the primary school management. The conversation should be carried out as soon as possible (at least before the first day at school).

How is the admission into the first class of primary school handled?
Children who reached the age of six until June 30th of the current year, are going to be enroled at the start of the school year (end of august). An application for an early enrolment for children who are going to get six years old between July 1st and December 31st, is also possible. Every year the DSTY is carrying out enrolment procedures for children who do not go to our kindergarten. There is also the possibility to participate in medical examination of the school if you register for it in advance. Every year in June there is going to be an information evening for the enrolment. If your child has already done the enrolment procedures and examination at the previous place of residence, then please bring the results/documents with you at the time of registration.

Please contact Ms. Klein for the registration.

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