School Community

School Community


SchulgemeinschaftStudents, parents, teachers – we are all pulling in the same direction when it comes to our school. Only by working together, we can continually progress.

Student representation
The Deutsche Schule Tokyo Yokohama is a democratic school. Therefore we have an active student representation that is jointly responsible for the organisation of the teaching programme and school life in general.

"Education and teaching of the students is the common task of both parents and the school" (school regulations). Our parents work with us:

  • Without the voluntary work of the parents in e.g. the library, the canteen or at various events, some things would not be possible.
  • Parent representatives in each class compose the DSTY Parents Association to formally represent parents' interests.
  • The board of the Parent's Association consists of a representative from the kindergarten, primary school and secondary school. It is the connecting link between parents, school management, the Teacher'sAassociation and the school board of the DSTY.

The teaching staff consists of qualified and experienced professionals, all of whom are either sent by the Federal Republic or directly recruited by the schoo..

The administration comprises both German and Japanese employees. Its tasks are the organsation of the students, the school bus and the school canteen; it is also responsible for accounting, public relations, translation and cleaning and maintenance of the school building.

School Foundation and Organs
The institution supporting the DSTY is the "German School of Tokyo Yokohama Foundation". In principle, every parent and company that has a connection with the school is a member of foundation. The members elect the board of trustees who choose the school board and the auditor. The school board is responsible for the administration and management, while the board members are responsible for educational evelopment, marketing, human resources, construction and maintenance.

The cost of the school are mainly covered by the school fees, but nearly one third are borne by the Federal Republic of Germany either by direct grant or the supply of teaching staff. The Swiss teacher is financed by the Swiss Federal Office of Culture and the contribution of Swiss companies. In addition, the DSTY enjoys the support of numerous donors and sponsors.

Selected content is available in English and Japanese.

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