School Fees

School Fees

School Year 2017/2018

Registration fee
One-time per child, either for School or Kindergarten     

550.000 Yen
Morning only1.235.000 Yen
 until 3 p.m.until 4:30 p.m.
Morning and 1 afternoon  1.335.000 Yen1.360.000 Yen
Morning and 2 afternoons1.415.000 Yen1.465.000 Yen
Morning and 3 afternoons            1.485.000 Yen1.550.000 Yen
Morning and 4 afternoons1.550.000 Yen1.625.000 Yen
Morning and 5 afternoons1.605.000 Yen1.685.000 Yen
For pupils with German, Japanese, or Swiss nationality
Elementary School (1st-4th Grade)  1.415.000 Yen
5th-12th Grade      1.535.000 Yen
Andere Staatsangehörigkeiten
Elementary School (1st-4th Grade)  1.575.000 Yen
5th-12th Grade      1.715.000 Yen
School bus 350.000 Yen
Annual Membership

Deutsche Schule Tokyo Yokohama Foundation
Private or corporate membership

15.000 Yen


1. All fees are due as the total amount and payable upon receipt of the invoice. In case of default, DSTY reserves the right to charge 3% interest added to the discount rate of Bank of Japan.

2. Annual fees are due and payable in full always. For school bus fees see the School Bus regulation. 

3. A refund of the fees, even in case of prolonged absence, is not possible.


It is the aim of the German School Association to provide education to German speaking children regardless of financial status.

The following criteria serve as guideline:

1) The yearly gross family income should be below 7 Mio Yen, if one child is attending DSTY

2) The yearly gross family income should be below 8,5 Mio Yen, if two children are attending DSTY

 Assets of the parents/legal guardians:

The worldwide total estate/assets (e.g. real estate, shareholdings, share of a company) must be disclosed.

Every application will be examined individually. The School Board of the German School Tokyo Yokohama Foundation will decide case by case.

Applications for bursaries must be made principally before admission or the start of the school year, in which discount is requested. Applications must be submitted in person.
The application can be downloaded here (available in German only). For further information please contact the Head of Administration of the School, Ms. Knott.

Corporate Contribution Plan:

For corporations we have tax-exemptable donation plans.  The participation would be highly appreciated.  More details are available by Chief Administrative Officer of the School.

Selected content is available in English and Japanese.

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