School Mission

School Mission


Our school - our vision - this school mission was created by the students, the parents' association and the teachers.

Who are we?

  • We are a German speaking international school

  • Our school is a place for getting to know new people, intercultural exchange and conversations

  • We are an important part of the German culture and German education overseas

  • Our school is a part of the worldwide network of German schools

  • We work closely together with other German or German speaking schools in the Asian-pacific area

  • Our school provides worldwide acknowledged graduation certificiates

  • The international orientation of our school supports families living here and helps families whose stay is connected to economy or diplomatic service

Which values are setting our school life?

  • Teachers, staff, students and parents are open-minded. We are respecting and trusting each other - different opinions and lifestyles open our way of thinking

  • We support unity, solidarity, respect each other and criticize not only others, but also oneself. Tolerating and respecting other nations, religions and cultures is very important

  • The students association is actively integrated in the daily school life. Decision-making processes are transparent for the students association

  • Cooperating with the parents is an important part of our educational work. Talking to each other, solving problems and finding solutions together is essential

  • The school community is democratic. School board, school management, teachers, administration staff, parents and students association have determined decision-making powers. Also they have the right to have a say and the right to have a vote

Which educational system is setting our school life?

  • The DSTY is an educational establishment that prepares students for their future lives

  • The personality development of each student is guaranteed by the support of their intellectual, emotional and social competences

  • We want to create a connection between the students and the content that they are learning on a daily basis in the school. We want to support their mental flexibility and their transfer skills

  • We convey and support key competences

  • Children of different nationalities get to meet each other and learn how to react and move in an international surrounding. They get to know not only their own, but many different ways of thinking and learning

  • We help and support students when it comes to keeping a connection to Germany or any other German speaking country

  • Japanese regional studies and country based topics are essential parts of each lesson. Social activities and intensifying the connections to Japan is also important

  • Social, athletic and artistic competences are being supported through regular class and field trips and exchange programmes

  • Our curriculum is the same as those that are being taught in other German schools in the Asian-pacific area

  • The cooperation between the different educational installations at our school is guaranteed

What are our educational opportunities?

  • We are an full-time day school with an extensive range of educational opportunities:

    • a thought-out kindergarten and a modified pre-school programme

    • modified lessons for primary school students in a reliable primary school

    • graduation certificates for Hauptschul-, Realschul- and Gymansium students that are based on the general German education system

  • Our goal is an education on the highest level

  • We guarantee an integration in the education system of German speaking countries

  • We make a transition to international schools and the modern business world possible

  • After achieving our graduation certificate, our students have the opportunity to do an entrance examination at Japanese universities

  • Getting to know the different fields of work and internships help our students to get a first insight into the business world

  • We are striving for international professionell graduation certificates

  • We offer wide educational opportunities in small classes and groups. An internal differentation is guaranteed

  • Japanese is being taught in different levels

  • A cultural and athletic exchange in the Japanese and international surrounding is guaranteed

  • The educational leisure activities are an important part of our school life. Qualified employees are in charge of those areas

How is our infrastructure?

  • Our school premises offer much space for different kind of activities

  • Our school premises, school building and equipment are on the best educational standard

  • Teachers, parents and student can also use the premises on lecture-free days. All persons involved have to take the responsibility for the right handling of the building and equipment of the school

  • We are supporting the craftmanship and athletic talent of our students with modern premises (gym, indoor pool, sports field, workshop, leisure time room)

  • The canteen (Mensa) offers a healthy and varied diet

  • The school is connected to the public transport by our own bus system and service

  • The building was built after modern and earthquake-proof guidelines


How do we develop and secure our quality?

  • The school made a concept on quality assurance

  • The educational work of qualified teachers and educators, who are intensifying their knowledge constantly, is guaranteed

  • School management, teachers, students and administration peer-review their activities regularly, develop them and convert them into the daily school life

Selected content is available in English and Japanese.

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