School Structure

School Structure


We are a German school in Japan. The mastery and progession of the German language of our students are very important to us. Therefore we are focusing especially on the German courses in each of our classes - from kindergarten up to the secondary classes.

The DSTY is divided in kindergarten, primary school, secondary school and the Fachoberschule (FOS, higher secondary vocational school).

The kindergarten is orientating itself on the educational concept of the "Thüringer Ausbildungsplan". Supporting the German knowledge of the students is really important for us - especially for children with a multilingual background.

Like all German schools in East and South-east Asia, the curriculum of the primary school and the Gymnasium (grammar school) are orientating themselves on the guideline of the Kultusministerkonferenz (conference of ministers for arts and culture). English will be taught starting in class 2. German-speaking children learn Japanese and Japanese native speakers get additional lessons in German. They can also attend in the optional subject "Japanese as mother tongue".

The fifth class is called "orientation class/stage". Towards the end of this class, the children are divided up into Gymnasium, Realschule or Hauptschule. Starting in class 5 English will be taught as the first second language. The second foreign language is starting from class 6 and can be either French or Japanese. There are classes for Japanese native speakers and for students who already have an adequate knowledge of the Japanese language. In class 10 students can decide whether they want to choose Latin as their third foreign language or not. With Latin as their choice, they can obtain the Latinum certificate.

All students are taught together, but the lessons, school materials, and grades are getting adjusted to the type of school that they are in. That can be Realschule, Hauptschule or Gymnasium. For every examinee German is an obligatory examination subject in the final exams. Besides the Abitur, the Realschulabschluss and the Hauptschulabschluss can be obtained as educational qualifications.

Furthermore there are two interdisciplinary departments: the tutoring department whos emphasis lies on the development of each student and their German knowledge and the leisure area. The tutoring concept for the kindergarten, primary school and secondary classes are still in progress. A detailed explanation and presentation of the tutoring department can be seen here. The organization chart of the department can be seen here.

Our students learn everything that they would learn in a school in Germany too. Because of that, there are nearly no problems in changing between the DSTY and schools from Germany, Switzerland and Austria. In case of difficulties, the school offers the newcomers some time to catch up.

We have a Swiss teacher at the DSTY, so that the re-entry in a Swiss school for Swiss students can proceed smoothly. The "Swiss lesson" was established for Swiss students from primary school to Gymnasium. The course focuses on Swiss geography, history, traditions, civic education and French. The lesson takes place once a week and is held in Swiss German. Not only Swiss students, but also students who are interested in the Swiss culture can participate in the Swiss lesson.

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