Vocational Studies in Secondary School

Vocational Studies in Secondary School


How does the enrolment for the higher secondary vocational school (Fachoberschule / FOS) work?

Please send us the following documents for the enrolment (the documents are written in German/Japanese):

Who can enter the FOS and when can it be set up?

The FOS (higher secondary vocational school with emphasis on economy and administration) can be set up if there is at least a number of six students who register for it. In school year 2008/2009 the first FOS was set up at the DSTY.
The education in FOS lasts for two years. In class 11 an internship all year round is the main part of the school year. The students will only spend a third of their school year in school and the rest working at their internship.
In class 12 there are going to be full-time lessons at the school again which also include vocational subjects such as business studies/accounting, economics, business information technology and law.
With a graduation from FOS you will gain the Fachhochschulreifeprüfung which allows students to get into more than 150 Universities of Applied Sciences and Arts (Fachhochschule) in Germany. For entering the FOS the student has to have the "Mittlere Reife" (a graduation from Realschule oder for high school students who are entering class 11).

Please contact Ms. Klein for the registration.

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